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Sermons from the First Church of God, Albany Oregon -
Virtual Church 9.13.2020 - Pastor Moose Sprunger
Faithful & Fateful
Matthew 5:17-20
Come Join us for virtual church! Stream starts at 10am and service will start at 10:30am. We are looking forward to seeing you!
If you would like to give online this morning, SimpleGive is a great way to do it,
or you can go old school and mail us a check. Durwood Ranton has also offered to go pickup offering from you if you'd like. Our treasurers will still be in. Your gifts are so important to us and help us ensure we can continue to do God's work in our community!
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Rev. Moose Sprunger- The Discipline of Service- 03.01.2020

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Rev. Moose Sprunger- The Dos and Donts of the Holy Spirit - 05.5.2019

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Rev. David Shrout - Samuel Rejects Saul- 03.10.2019

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Rev. David Shrout -Give Us a King- 10.7.2018

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Rev. David Shrout - Hannah's Prayer - Thanks Mom! : 5.13.2018

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Pastor Steve Dow - Be the Light and Life: 3.4.2018

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Pastor Steve Dow - Pieces: 2.4.2018

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Reverend David Shrout - Three Stories 1.14.2017

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Connor Doe -'B' yourself - 11.12.2017

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Pastor Steve Dow -Developing the character of Christ in us 10.22.2017

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Pastor Steve Dow - 90 day Bible Challenge Week 10 : 12.06.2015

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Pastor Steve Dow - Believe! : 4.5.2015

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Pastor Steve Dow - And Such Were Some of You : 3.22.2015

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Pastor Steve Dow : Go Deeper in Self Control - 12.15.2013

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What You Were What You Are - Pastor Steve Dow: 10.23.2011

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